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TRX-Manager does not attempt either to merely mimic the front panel of your transceiver : a good program must add capabilities to the rig. TRX-Manager uses CAT commands not only to provide CAT/Remote control, but also to add capabilities such as Linear amplifier control, bands scope, short-wave database, Logging and DX Spotting, Digital modes, memory channels management with offset, scanning, CTCSS, mode and filter control or to give you additional real-time features that do not exist on your transceiver. A lot of functions are original.

TRX-Manager V5.X operates under any 32 bit or 64 bit versions of Windows. More than 100 transceivers and several  other devices: rotors, antennas, wattmeters can be controlled locally or remotely with the same software solution.

TRX-Manager purchase comes with a generous three years of free, downloadable updates.

Full station control on one screen :
Radio (here IC-7100), Log, Rotor, Amplifier, Antenna (SteppIR), Wattmeter (LP100), DXCluster, DXCC...
and still much more...

Or only the compact DX Bar window - All DX information available in real time on your desktop

Main features

Comprehensive HAM package

Multi-language interface (*)

Monitoring and Controls

Memory management

Short wave listening

DX Spotting - Terminal

Digital modes

Band Scope, TRX-Pan (Panadapter)


Awards tracking


Remote control - WebServer

Accurate S-Meter

CW Interface and more...


Full Monitoring and DXing...


The performances, features and graphical interface of TRX-manager have been optimized for almost 100 transceivers (Setup for 4 transceivers is provided). However, each transceiver may have only 20 but also 50 or more than 100 CAT functions: TRX-manager does not support all of them for each transceiver. There is no table of the available functions (~5000-10000 cases ?). Generally, almost all real-time functions are supported. Macros are provided to suit particular needs . + PLease understand I don't own each of the 100 transceivers supported. Sometime, an update is required to support a particular function or to fix a wrong behavior; you just have to ask... Thank you.

(*) TRX-Manager GUI and Help are available in English and French. Interface (GUI) is translated from 50% to 80% in Spanish, Swedish, German, Polish (but Help is only available in English or French).




FT-450 FT-990 FT-991 FT-840 FT-847 FT-857 FT-890 FT-897 FT-900 FT-920 FT-950 FT-1000MP /MKV (+ EDSP) FT-1000D FT-767GX FT-980 early FT-990 & FT-1000 (ROM 1.2) FT-991 FT-757GX FT-757GXII FT-736 FT-100 FT-747 FT-817 FT-897 VR-5000 FRG-9600 FT-212/412 FT-2000 FTDX1200 FTDX3000 FTDX5000 FTDX9000(PEP only)
+ Yaesu with extended control FT-450 FT-950 FT-991 FT-2000 FTDX900PEP FTDX5000 FTDX-1200 FTDX3000




TS-50 TS-440 TS-450 TS-480 TS-590 TS-680 TS-690 TS-711 TS-790 TS-811 TS-850 TS-950 TS-940 TS-990
+ recent Kenwoods with extended control: TS-480 TS-570 TS-590S TS-590SG TS-870 TS-990 TS-2000




IC-703 IC-706 IC-706MKII IC-706MKIIG IC-718 IC-725/6 IC-735 IC-751/751A IC-756 IC-765 IC-271 IC-471 IC-275 IC-475 IC-775 IC-781 IC-820/821 IC-910 IC-9100 IC-R7000 IC-R7100 IC-7000 IC-7100 IC-7200 IC-7410 IC-7600 IC-7700/IC-7800/7850/7851 IC-PCR1000
With extended control: IC-703 IC-746/PRO/7000/7100/7200/7400/7410/7600/7700/7800/7850/7851/9100, IC-756PRO/PRO2/PRO3 IC-R75 IC-R8500, IC-PCR1000




K2, K3, K3S, KX3
With extended control : Elecraft K2 Elecraft K3 K3S & KX3








JRC: NRD-545 NRD-535 JST-145 JST-245
Alinco: DX-77
JUMA: TRX2 (+ TRX-Juma freeware)

Other compatible devices



Band decoder (LPT Port) for automatic antenna selection, amplifier... (Yaesu BCD format and fully configurable)
CW Interface compatible with LCU-KEY (Parallel), LCU-SER (Serial), Rig Blaster.
Support for PTT Interface (RTS/DTR), TX Inhibit or TX Interrupt (DSR/CTS).
Support for LP-100 Digital AlphaPower Elecraft W2 Wattmeters
Support for Stepp-IR Alpha Amplifier, Winkey, ACOM2000A (See also TRX-Acom software) ACOM600S
Synchro port: TRX-Manager can synchronize almost any program, device, amplifier, antenna tuner... that supports Kenwood or ICOM protocols via a Synchro port and a null-modem cable.

Supported Rotators (or Interface)



SARtek-1, Yaesu/Kenpro, EA4TX, HY-Gain (DCU-1 & Idiom Press's RotorCard), WinRotor, Orion (PA & PX), Prosistel C & D, RT-21 Green Heron Engineering, PSTRotator, N8LP's DDE Interface, AlphaSpid




TRX-Manager interfaces/is compatible with :

All data base files created by TRX-Manager are compatible with MS Access 7 and Excel.




TRX-Manager uses the Windows XP Graphical style and many customized graphics ; required video mode is 32 bits (true colors). Base code is VB5/6 along with a large library of professional third parties controls choosen for their stability. It is compatible with any 32bits or 64bits version of Windows from W95SP1 to Windows 8 (NT3.51 Excepted). For the older rigs, you may need a serial RS-232/TTL interface. Reasonable priced serial interfaces are distributed by third party manufacturers (see here).

WARNING : TRX-Manager is NOT compatible with any version of Windows using DBCS (China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea).


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