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TRX-Manager lets you operate any transceiver by remote control through a local area network or the Internet... and even via a V/UHF Packet network. TCP or UDP protocols are supported. Rotors, SteppIR antennas can be remotely controlled and a Winkey Paddle can even be used for CW Keying from the Client station.

Although many software solutions or alternatives exist to control a remote computer, the generic TRX-Manager's remote control mode minimizes the information being passed on the network and thus, gives faster real-time control - with minimal latency - which a DX operation requires, with very low bandwidth requirements (even practicable via Packet at 1200 Bauds !).

The Remote transceiver is fully integrated (and eventually synchronized) with any local transceiver in TRX-Manager (up to 4 local transceivers can be supported at the same time). All the logging and DXIng functions are locally controlled which allows you taking full advantage of TRX-Manager and makes the trafic much more easier. Add the transmission of audio (*) and you are ready to make QSOs from anywhere with a very economical solution, a minimum wiring and a very low latency.

(*) Audio (VOIP) not supported by TRX-Manager. Various third party solutions are possible (IP Sound, Skype or Mumble are recommended).

Remote transceiver (generic) control panel

If you prefer using a serial device server or a device like Remoterig, TRX-Manager offers specific settings to optimize this type of operation.

Two modes of operation


TRX-Manager has to be installed on the two computers, respectively Client and Server. Setting up a remote link is very simple and only requires knowledge of the IP address of the Server. A single click allows establishing the link between the two instances of TRX-Manager (configuring the routers and the firewall is certainly the most complex task).

Two modes of operation are available : a standard/generic mode (supported by all transceivers) which allows taking the control over the most important functions of a station and a real-mode which allows controlling your transceiver exactly as if the com-port is open from the client station (only ICOMs, TS-480/590/2000 and Elecraft K2 & K3/KX3 are supported in real mode).

Web Server included


At last, a WebServer is also included in TRX-Manager and offers an other alternative for remote control of your transceiver and your station from any OS using any WEB-Browser... The TRX-Manager's webserver has been conceived to be used with small device including SmartPhone and even Cellular Phone (*)

(*) Audio (VOIP) not supported by TRX-Manager. Depending on your system and your provider, various third party solutions are possible.