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Demo version


The demonstration version of TRX-Manager is ~35 MB in size, and comprises a fully functional program, but with a limitation of 30 minutes of serial port use per session (*). After downloading you should have a file called trmde5.exe. Please run this program (**) and follow the on-screen instructions to install the software. See the troubleshooting sections of the manual and the Support page for any problem related to the installation or use of the program. The DEMO version can NOT be registered.

(*) The session itself is not limited. You can launch a new session immediately and regain cat-control with all your settings preserved.

(**) Smart Screen (Windows Defender) may define the download as UNSAFE: This is normal because TRX-Manager is an unknow application for Windows Defender. Please just click MORE INFO and then RUN ANYWAY. Other anti-virus may have other ways to block unknow applications.

Demo version - V 5.8.8 - 30 MB

TRX-Manager (Demo) (PDA USA)

TRX-Manager (Demo) (France)

To allow you to read more about the detailed capabilities of TRX-Manager without installing the program, the manual (CHM format) is available for downloading. This is the full manual, exactly as supplied with the program. However to view the file (from a download), please unzip and move the chm file to a suitable folder, double-click the chm but uncheck "Always ask before opening".



If the document appears empty, please open the file's Properties dialog and check Unblock the file before opening

English (chm) (zipped 5MB)


English language

French (chm) (zipped 5MB)




sign_attention.gif Before you test and purchase the program !


 TRX-Manager is not compatible with any version of Windows using DBCS (China, Japan, Korea). Other incompatibilities may exist : You are responsible for determining if TRX-Manager is suitable and compatible with your equipment by using the demo software available on this site. This time is not lost since the configuration or all created files are compatible with the registered version. Of course, in case of you have any difficulty with the demo version, please do not hesitate to ask for a support...

Note about USB/Serial converters: many cheap USB/Serial converters available on the market are not up-to-date and do not run properly on recent systems (Windows 7/8 32/64 bits). We strongly recommend the use of USB/Serial converters built with FTDI chips.

Please see also the TRX-Manager's support page and this note about the Return policy.


How to use the DEMO version ?


The only limitation of the demo is a serial port opening limited to 30 minutes per session ; the session itself is not limited in time. When the com port stops, you have two possiblities: (1) you restart a new session immediately, (2) you continue using the program and you can test ALL the other functions of the program and you can even use the virtual "demo rig".

Unlike a "one month" demo, you may run this copy as long as you wish... A warning is displayed after 30 days of use but does not prevent from using the program and does not limit the functions : you can still use it as long as you wish (the "30 days warning" can be removed by reinstalling the demo).

Note about the download: A false detection may happen periodically  with some anti-virus checkers. If this happens, or if you can not download the software, please temporarily disable your anti-virus checker and send us a report so we may advise the publisher of your antivirus software.  Thank you.

How to purchase the program ?


TRX-Manager V5.X is distributed as a "download only" product and it is sold by Personal Database Application (USA). Price is $75. The purchase includes the license and a full version of TRX-Manager registered to your callsign or your name. The license and all the associated files delivered after the purchase are NOT transferable and NOT refundable (please see the refund policy).

Upon purchase of TRX-Manager V5.X, you are eligible for 36 months (3 years) of free downloadable updates. The purchase date is based on the day your order is processed. When that 3-years period is up, you may sign up for another "3 x years" period of downloadable updates. Whatever the date of your purchase and the version you are running, you are elligible for free email support as long as TRX-Manager is commercially distributed.

Personal Database Applications, Inc is the exclusive dealer of TRX-Manager.
On line secure order (upgrade or full version) is possible from the TRX-Manager page of PDA.
PDA, 1323 Center Drive, Auburn, GA 30011-3318, USA