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New concept !


For most logging program, the logbook is the main screen. The TRX-Manager's logbook functions in a completely different way : the starting point it is the transceiver and the QSO. Here, the virtual transceiver is enough intelligent to remember all the data relating to a particular frequency; then, only, if the QSO is valid, one click will save it into the database. This real-time logging is very intuitive : try it !



  • Native Access data base, 28 fields including the ARRL DXCC code fully ADIF compatible,
  • Support for CQ and ITU Zones
  • Automatic report of essential parameters (DX-Spots),
  • Selection, searching a callsign and sorting,
  • Advanced searches and reports using SQL language,
  • Selective importation/exportation fully compatible with the ADIF format,
  • Logical field "Export" to facilitate updating of your favorite Log book,
  • Import from some popular log formats, export to Excel (CSV),
  • Support for the LogBook of The World (LOTW)
  • Easy printing of the log or of a selection of QSO's,
  • QSL labels printing,
  • Reading CD-Rom (QRZ Callbook Buckmaster), online database (QRZ.com, HamQTH)
  • Searching if the station has even been worked before,
  • Sending EMails,
  • Innovative LogBook's Explorer for creating various reports
  • Contest mode

OLE Interface with LOGic & ADIF Interface


Would you prefer to use a true Logging program with specialized functions such as : multiple awards, contesting...? TRX-Manager is fully interfaced with LOGic via OLE in real-time.

Whatever your needs, TRX-Manager features an incremental exporting function to allow easy and periodic updating of your favorite log book via the ADIF format (DXCC code included).

Screenshot (normal operation)


Detailed listing


Innovative LogBook's Explorer


Almost any awards or reports - for the full log or a selection of QSO - can be computed, displayed and saved from the Logbook's Explorer.