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TRX-Acom is a little but sophisticated software delivered with TRX-Manager. It allows controlling the more important functions of your ACOM2000 or ACOM2000A amplifier :

- display of: FWD, RFL power, State of amplifier, Errors (+log), selected Measurements
- full interface with TRX-Manager and your transceiver
- full automatic Auto-Tune (with TRX-Manager)... with control of your transceiver, including selection of Tune mode, RF Power, Auto-Tune, and back to previous settings,
- On Top option, configurable Layout, resizable window

TRX-Acom may also be used as a stand alone program (but installation of TRX-Manager is required).

TRX-Acom may be used via the Internet through a serial server. It is compatible with any version of Windows (9.X, XP, Vista/W7 32 and 64 bits).

TRX-Acom has been written and tested with an extensive support from ACOM Bulgaria (Stan LZ1IU) to ensure a perfect stability.