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TRX-manager provides various and effective functions and screens for the support of the DXCC and VUCC awards. Moreover, a very original Logbook Explorer allows compiling the essential information required to track other awards such CQZ, WAS, WAZ, etc...

Courtesy of Alex VE3NEA, TRX-Manager uses a part of the very accurate DXAtlas's prefix database : more than 2800 entries to resolve DXCC as well as CQ, ITU zones and provinces...

DXCC real time tracking


All DX-Spots displayed by TRX-Manager are marked with a specific icon indicating the status of the corresponding country for the DXCC award. The DXCC Window presents the complete status for a given country: various coloured squares indicate by mode and by band the status (Worked/Confirmed) of the country and a click on each square shows the listing of the different QSOs worked or confirmed for this mode and this band.


Full DXCC Report


A full report is available: the score (number of worked and confirmed countries) is computed and a detailed listing allows you having an overall view of your award by country; a simple click makes it possible to list all the QSOs for that country...


IOTA Award tracking


Full information about each IOTA Island is available for  IOTA spots (<right click> + link with Google Earth). TRX Manager tracks IOTA awards progress!


VUCC Award tracking


At the request of the amateurs in the VHF and UHF community, the VUCC award tracking is particularly neat. Like the DXCC listing, you can immediately know the status of a grid square and the different worked QSOs. A summary is also provided. If DXAtlas is installed, TRX-Manager displays your VUCC on the map :

VUCC Award (DXAtlas V2.X and TRX-Manager V3.3.2 required)

Other awards


CQZ and WAZ summary now included.

However if comprehensive reports are provided for DXCC CQZ WAS and VUCC, the other awards are not forgotten and can be compiled by using the Logbook's Explorer. This Explorer and the SQL query editor can produce a wide range of reports.