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TRX-manager makes satellite communications easier by automating Doppler compensation and cross-band communications. The program has been optimized for the SAT transceivers (*) but also works with two standard transceivers (one for receive, the other for transmit). It is even possible to control both VFOs of the same transceiver (however with some drawbacks…) ; a transverter (required for phase 3D) is also supported !

All types of satellites and some unique features are supported and even provides interactivity with the manual control of the transceiver!

(*) FT-736/847 TS-2000 IC-821/IC-970/IC-910

Main features


  • Intuitive interface
  • Support of satellites with fixed frequencies
  • Support of linear transponder satellites
  • RX and/or TX Doppler compensation
  • Rotator control (azimuth and elevation for some rotators)
  • Reverse mode, Trace mode, Trace + Split (RX and TX in the same band)
  • Automatic tracking of the transponder satellites even during a manual QSY
  • Optimisation of the use with SAT transceivers or two standard transceivers
  • Possible use with an unique transceiver in Split mode
  • Support for up/down converter for Phase 3D satellites
  • Memory channels



TRX-manager does not implement the calculations of satellite data ; it uses a DDE Link with compatible satellite software. Currently the following programs are supported: