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Prefix real time DXCC information

Propagation predictor

Real-time Prefix, Azimuth, distance

DXCC and VUCC award information

MUF in real time...

Support for most CD-Roms

Antenna rotating

QRZ/RAC/BUCK CD-Roms, HamQTH and QRZ Online (QRZ.COM or QRZ_XML) are supported. If available, TRX-Manager uses Latitude and Longitude (or gridsquare) from the CD to compute beam heading (and ... gridsquare !) and reads the QSL manager.
FCC Database is also supported.

SARtek-1, Yaesu/Kenpro, EA4TX, HY-Gain (DCU-1 & Idiom Press's RotorCard), WinRotor, Orion (PA & PX), Prosistel C & D, RT-21 Green Heron Engineering, PSTRotator, N8LP's DDE Interface, AlphaSpid

Linear Reminder (even for you manual amplifier)

Support for LP-100 Wattmeter, W2, AlphaPower

Preset values for Tune/Load/USR field
Relay control via LPT port, Quick Tune

Support for LP-100 digital Wattmeter, Elecraft W2, AlphaPower

WEB Browser, CW Interface

 CW Interface (TX only) : serial, lpt port + direct keying (TS-570/870/2000) are supported  


Programmable band settings

Programmable Band decoder (LPT Port and COM port)

If supported : you can choose Antenna, Rotator, TX Power, Tuner and Linear by band !

Compatible with TopTen devices and fully programmable

And much more ...