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FCC_Call is a program that allows you to create a database (Access 97 format) from the FCC license records (available for public download) and to look-up the FCC records by call, name or city. This program is distributed for free. Please be patient... the FCC's files to download are 50 MB in size and the program takes from 5mn to about 1 hour to build the database (depending on the power of your computer) but all is free and up-to-date (updated every week) !

FCC_Call requires the VB6 runtime installed. Later, the FCC_Call.zip file available on this page can be used to update/patch your version of FCC_Call.

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- FCC_Call V 1.9 (patch) : FCC_Call.zip (50Kb, TRX-Manager registered/demo or VB6 Runtime required)

Special thanks to Kerry KK7JO and Bill WD8ARZ. Enjoy !

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