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I have the pleasure to distribute the following freeware programs :



TRX-JUMA is a stand alone free software (freeware) for the JUMA TRX2 Transceiver. TRX-Juma is ditributed with TRX-Manager and requires the same runtime. No registration required). Of course JUMA TRX2 is also fully supported by TRX-manager.

 TRX-Juma Free stand alone software (TRX-Manager' runtime required)

Basic instructions :

- Warning: firmware 1.07w Build 10 or later by Adran 5B4AIY required.
- Power on your JUMA TRX2 transceiver
- Config your JUMA TRX2 for RS232: JUMA TRX2 and VFO: A/B + Split
- Click first CONFIG to set up your computer (Port, Speed, Baud Rate)
- Click PWR to engage CAT Control (do not use PWR to power on the transceiver, this is not supported by the firmware)
- the behavior of the buttons may slightly differ from the JUMA TRX2's Front panel
- MODE Option (Config): if checked, MODE buttons behaves like TRX2
- DIAL button can be rotated with the mouse (hold the LEFT button and move the mouse)
- You may also click each digit of the display (LEFT=DOWN, RIGHT=UP). Please just hold the mouse button for a continuous scan,
- ON TOP button locks on top the TRX-Juma's window




TRX-Pan is panadaptator software. Iit is available for free and can work as a stand alone program. It can interface with TRX-Manager, LP-Bridge and N4PY's CAT Software. More about TRX-Pan here.

TRX-Pan can work as a stand alone program with the recent ICOMs in order to diplay the waveform data using the CI-V protocol (works with IC-7800/7850/7610/9700/R8600/7300/705) and supports the most used functions (mode, pre, att... AF/SQ levels...). Of course it can work simultaneously with TRX-Manager.

Download : TRX-Pan , Version 3.0.0 (Stand alone setup). If you are running it with TRX-Manager, you need TRX-Manager V6.1.2 or later (TRX-Pan is included in the TRX-Manager patch setup)



Soft990 has been the precursor of TRX-Manager. It is a DOS program which supports some (old) Yaesu transceivers (FT-990 FT-1000 series...).



FCC_Call is an unique program which allows you to look-up the FCC Database like a CD-Rom but ... for free!



DBFToAdif allows the conversion of some old DBF log files (DXLog, EasyLog, LogPlus, TopLog, TurboLog TotalHAM92) to the ADIF Format :
- EXE file only Just unzip and run the conversion utility (TRX-Manager or VB5 runtime are required on your computer)
- Full Setup DBFToADIF.exe Run this file to install all the required resources and the DBFToAdif conversion utility.



The initial purpose of MATH4DSO was to communicate with an Agilent/Keysight X-Series oscilloscope and to calculate and display improved FFT spectrograms. Many functions have been added to use MATH4DSO as a control program for the oscilloscope itself. MATH4DSO can display the digitized signals and provides basic functions to control the oscilloscope from your computer; this part of the program may be improved in the future. More information...



TESTCAT is a stand alone program to test the bidirectional RS232 communications bewteen your rig (+ hardware) and your computer. It only work for all Kenwoods, ICOMs and FT-817 rigs.



SOFT780 is a Windows (8/7/10/11) program I wrote to help a friend reloading the channels of an old UNIDEN BEARCAT BC780XLT scanner (UBC780XLT) since some other programs written 15/20 years ago do not run properly on recent computers. The loading is done from a list of frequencies (in MHz) in text format without consideration of the channel banks and regardless of trunk settings. It can save the channels, allows some other commands and to test the RS232 protocol. No support or enhancements are planned (delivered "as is"). Click here to download SOFT780 V1.0