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I have the pleasure to distribute the following freeware programs :



TRX-JUMA is a stand alone free software (freeware) for the JUMA TRX2 Transceiver. TRX-Juma is ditributed with the TRX-Manager's demo and requires the same runtime. Please download and install the TRX-Manager' demo and run TRX-Juma.exe (no registration required). Of course JUMA TRX2 is also fully supported by TRX-manager.

 TRX-Juma Free stand alone software (TRX-Manager' runtime required)

Basic instructions :

- Warning: firmware 1.07w Build 10 or later by Adran 5B4AIY required.
- Power on your JUMA TRX2 transceiver
- Config your JUMA TRX2 for RS232: JUMA TRX2 and VFO: A/B + Split
- Click first CONFIG to set up your computer (Port, Speed, Baud Rate)
- Click PWR to engage CAT Control (do not use PWR to power on the transceiver, this is not supported by the firmware)
- the behavior of the buttons may slightly differ from the JUMA TRX2's Front panel
- MODE Option (Config): if checked, MODE buttons behaves like TRX2
- DIAL button can be rotated with the mouse (hold the LEFT button and move the mouse)
- You may also click each digit of the display (LEFT=DOWN, RIGHT=UP). Please just hold the mouse button for a continuous scan,
- ON TOP button locks on top the TRX-Juma's window




TRX-Pan is panadaptator software distributed with TRX-manager (registered and demo versions). However, it is available for free and works as a stand alone program (+VB runtime) and can interface with LP-Bridge and N4PY's CAT Software. More about TRX-Pan here.

Download : TRX-Pan , Version 2.2.8 (VB runtime required, not included).



Soft990 has been the precursor of TRX-Manager. It is a DOS program which support some Yaesu transceivers.



FCC_Call is an unique program which allows you to look-up the FCC Database like a CD-Rom but ... for free!



DBFToAdif allows the conversion of some old DBF log files (DXLog, EasyLog, LogPlus, TopLog, TurboLog TotalHAM92) to the ADIF Format :
- EXE file only Just unzip and run the conversion utility (TRX-Manager or VB5 runtime are required on your computer)
- Full Setup DBFToADIF.exe Run this file to install all the required resources and the DBFToAdif conversion utility.



The initial purpose of MATH4DSO was to communicate with an Agilent/Keysight X-Series oscilloscope and to calculate and display improved FFT spectrograms. Many functions have been added to use MATH4DSO as a control program for the oscilloscope itself. MATH4DSO can display the digitized signals and provides basic functions to control the oscilloscope from your computer; this part of the program may be improved in the future. More information...