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The initial purpose of MATH4DSO was to communicate with an Agilent/Keysight X-Series oscilloscope and to calculate and display improved FFT spectrograms. While the FFT feature on these oscilloscopes is rather good, it is limited by the memory depth and the firmware. E.g, with a DSOX2000, two tones testing of an HF HAM transceiver is not practicable above 3.5MHz... Thanks to MATH4DSO, two tone testing is practicable up to 30MHz. In addition, a dedicated graphical interface always offer some interesting functions.

MATH4DSO is not a real-time program. It downloads the digitized signal from the oscilloscope and calculates its own Fourier Transform. A Discrete Fourier Transform is applied for small samples (below 5000) and a classic Fast Fourier Transform is applied above 5000 samples. MATH4DSO always uses the maximum number of points available to calculate and to display a spectrogram. However, since the number of points and the sample rate are not controllable (and not easily predictable), you have to set up your oscilloscope accordingly depending on the frequencies of interest.

Finally, many functions have been added to use MATH4DSO as a control program for the oscilloscope itself. MATH4DSO can display the digitized signals and provides basic functions to control the oscilloscope from your computer; this part of the program may be improved in the future.

MATH4DSO can save waveforms on files using the CSV format and can be used - off line - to display a previously saved waveform.

"Mixed domain" interface...



MATH4DSO uses the USB interface to communicate with the oscilloscope and does not require the LAN interface. It has been written and tested with a Keysight DSOX2022 but it should run with any other Agilent/Keysight oscilloscope of the X-Series (a specific option is available for the DSOX3000). While it uses the VISA com 5.5 library, slight changes or behaviors of the protocol are possible between brands which may cause unpredictable issues with non Agilent/Keysight oscilloscopes.

Installing the Keysight IO Library is required.



MATH4DSO is distributed for free for the hobbysts, clubs, HAM radio operators and for educational purposes. Please accept the conditions of the license before using the program.

Download MATH4DSO V1.0.1 (8MB)

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