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Demo and Order

Full transceiver control


  • Large digital display of the transmitted and received frequencies
  • Animated VFO knob
  • S-meter with memory
  • Joystick control
  • Easy and quick operation in split and QSX,
  • Automatic mode and filter switching
  • Extended control (if supported): Volume, DSP, EDSP, Keyer...
  • Transverter option
  • Remote control of a rig via Packet or Telnet (standard or real)
  • Memory channels operation
  • Graphic band scope to check activity on a band

Advanced functions


  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Compact and comprehensive display (DX Bar)
  • Control of up to 3 Sub-Transceivers
  • Programmable Band Decoder (LPT Port)
  • Support for SO4R (Single Operator Four Radios) operation
  • PTT Switching using an external line
  • Quick Memories
  • Programmable Band Plan
  • Drag and drop of frequencies between windows
  • OLE Link, compatibility with LOGic, Swisslog
  • High precision S-Meter
  • Macro commands
  • Synchro for a second transceiver, SteppIR beam, Alpha amp.

Short wave listening


  • Data base for Short Wave Listening
  • Automatic identification of stations
  • Sound Recorder



  • Web Cluster interface (Internet)
  • Data terminal (Packet Telnet)
  • DX Cluster interface, sound announcement
  • DX Map (Plot spots & NCDXF Beacons), interface with DX Atlas
  • HF Propagation predictor
  • automatic DX Tracking
  • Rotator control
  • Satellite Interface
  • CW Interface via Serial or LPT Port, Winkey or CAT Interface

Intuitive Logging, Award tracking


  • Log-book with advanced Import/Export utility
  • Logbook's Explorer
  • comprehensive DXCC information
  • Prefix database editing (customization, 11m possible)
  • Real-time tracking of the DXCC and VUCC awards
  • Support for the DDFM/DPF awards
  • Support possible for other awards
  • Advanced searches using the SQL language
  • QSL labels printing
  • Compatibility with QRZ Callbook and HAMCall CD-Roms
  • Automatic look-up of the FCC License records and GoList QSL Manager database
  • Callsign look-up via the Internet
  • Support for the LogBook of The World
  • Link with LOGic

Graphic interface, advanced features


  • Multi language interface (French/English/Spanish/Swedish/German/Polish)
  • Configurable Tool Bar (Office type) and Sessions
  • Comprehensive on line help
  • Internet browser, Quick EMailer
  • Screen saver and desktop background
  • More... to discover in the 160 pages of the documentation !