Short Wave listening


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A comprehensive module is dedicated to Short Wave Listening. This module allows choosing stations from a database. Using a database (Access 7.0 -.mdb format) may be more convenient than classic memory channels: you may define thousands of frequencies, add information, perform queries...and you may transfer a frequency from the VFO as easily as into a channel.

Main features


  • 18 Fields suited to Short Wave Listening and HAM Radio
  • clicking the database for instant tuning of your transceiver
  • quick introduction of a station
  • scanning capabilities
  • configurable grid
  • various search functions, selections and queries
  • automatic identification of the stations
  • automatic creation of Access 7 databases
  • Importation from Excel or DBF database distributed on the Internet (ILG radio, SWBC)
  • sound recorder


Sound recorder


  • 3 modes : manual, scanning, programmable
  • transfer of frequencies between windows by drag and drop
  • automatic logging : each time you QSY, a new mark is created