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DX Spotting


DX Spots received from a DX Cluster tm via Packet, Telnet and also from the world wide web (Web Cluster) are processed simultaneously. The common features are :

  • Instant QSY (frequencies are labeled)
  • Sorting by any field
  • LOTW activity information
  • Propagation icons
  • Colored icons for DXCC Award tracking (worked, unworked...)
  • Azimuthal projection (DX Map) of the last 25 DX-spots
  • interface with DXAtlas
  • QSX (split) detection
  • DX callsign tracking
  • Support for Google Earth
  • Comprehensive context menu (QRZ/HAMQTH/IOTA...)

Context menu (Spots)
Quick menu for QSY, Log, Search,
get Info or to Launch DXAtlas/Google Earth

Context menu (Spotters)

DX-Cluster and Web Cluster windows




The Terminal itself is very convenient to interface a multi-mode controller or for Telnet sessions. The features are :

  • customizable window (font, size, colors)
  • function buttons
  • customizable sound announcements (WAV files not included)
  • connection detection (if DCD wired)
  • double click from receive window provides QSY, Mail download...
  • compatible with T.F NordLink Eprom (TNC3S... ) or TAPR
  • ability to load/save text-data files, to search for text string
  • support for DXTelnet

Terminal window

Showing the paths (DXAtlas required)