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TRX-Manager V5.X operates under any 32 bit or 64 bit versions of Windows ®. More than 150 transceivers and several  other devices: rotors, antennas, wattmeters can be controlled locally or remotely with the same software solution. A TCP/IP Interface (TRXNET) is provided for your own development.

Full station control on one screen :
Radio (here IC-7100), Log, Rotor, Amplifier, Antenna (SteppIR), Wattmeter (LP100), DXCluster, DXCC...
and still much more...

Or only the compact DX Bar window - All DX information available in real time on your desktop

Main features

Comprehensive HAM package

Multi-language interface (*)

Monitoring and Controls

Short wave listening

DX Spotting - Terminal

Digital modes


Awards tracking


Remote control - WebServer

CW Interface and more...


Full Monitoring and DXing...


The performances, features and graphical interface of TRX-manager have been optimized for almost 100 transceivers (Setup for 4 transceivers is provided). However, each transceiver may have only 20 but also 50 or more than 100 CAT functions: TRX-manager does not support all of them for each transceiver. There is no table of the available functions (~5000-10000 cases ?). Generally, almost all real-time functions are supported. Macros are provided to suit particular needs . + PLease understand I don't own each of the 100 transceivers supported. Sometime, an update is required to support a particular function or to fix a wrong behavior; you just have to ask... Thank you.

(*) TRX-Manager GUI and Help are available in English and French. Interface (GUI) is translated from 50% to 80% in Spanish, Swedish, German, Polish (but Help is only available in English or French).




FTDX-101D/MP FT-450 FT-891 FT-990 FT-991 FT-991A FT-840 FT-847 FT-857 FT-890 FT-897 FT-900 FT-920 FT-950 FT-1000MP /MKV FT-1000D FT-767GX FT-980 early FT-990 & FT-1000 (ROM 1.2) FT-991 FT-991A FT-757GX FT-757GXII FT-736 FT-100 FT-747 FT-817 FT-897 VR-5000 FRG-9600 FT-212/412 FT-2000 FTDX1200 FTDX3000 FTDX5000 FTDX9000(PEP only)
+ Yaesu with extended control FT-450 FT-950 FT-891 FT-991 FT-2000 FTDX900PEP FTDX5000 FTDX-1200 FTDX3000




TS-50 TS-440 TS-450 TS-480 TS-590 TS-680 TS-690 TS-711 TS-790 TS-811 TS-850TS-890S TS-950 TS-940 TS-990
+ recent Kenwoods with extended control: TS-480 TS-570 TS-590S TS-590SG TS-870 TS-890S TS-990 TS-2000




IC-703 IC-706 IC-706MKII IC-706MKIIG IC-718 IC-725/6 IC-735 IC-751/751A IC-756 IC-765 IC-271 IC-471 IC-275 IC-475 IC-775 IC-781 IC-820/821 IC-910 IC-9100 IC-R7000 IC-R9000 IC-R9500 IC-R7100 IC-7000 IC-7100 IC-7200 IC-7300 IC-7410 IC-7600 IC-7610 IC-7700/IC-7800/7850/7851 IC-9700 IC-PCR1000
With extended control: IC-703 IC-746/PRO/7000/7100/7200/7300/7400/7410/7600/7610/7700/7800/7850/7851/9100/9700 IC-756PRO/PRO2/PRO3 IC-R75 IC-R8500, IC-R9500, IC-PCR1000




K2, KX2, K3, K3S, KX3, K4, KPA500 KAT500 K-Pod
With extended control : Elecraft K2 Elecraft KX2 KX3 K3 K3S KPA500 KAT500








JRC: NRD-545 NRD-535 JST-145 JST-245
Alinco: DX-77
JUMA: TRX2 (+ TRX-Juma freeware)
SmartSDR CAT (FLEX 6000 series)

Other compatible devices



Band decoder (LPT Port) for automatic antenna selection, amplifier... (Yaesu BCD format and fully configurable)
CW Interface compatible with LCU-KEY (Parallel), LCU-SER (Serial), Rig Blaster.
Support for PTT Interface (RTS/DTR), TX Inhibit or TX Interrupt (DSR/CTS),
Support for LP-100 Digital AlphaPower Elecraft W2 Wattmeters
Support for Stepp-IR Alpha Amplifier, Winkey, ACOM2000A (See also TRX-Acom software) ACOM600S ACOM1200S, KPA500+KAT500,PALSTAR LA-1KK-Pod
Synchro port: TRX-Manager can synchronize almost any program, device, amplifier, antenna tuner... that supports Kenwood or ICOM protocols via a Synchro port and a null-modem cable.

Supported Rotators (or Interface)



SARtek-1, Yaesu/Kenpro, EA4TX, HY-Gain (DCU-1 & Idiom Press's RotorCard), WinRotor, Orion (PA & PX), Prosistel C & D, RT-21 Green Heron Engineering, PSTRotator, N8LP's DDE Interface, AlphaSpid

Compatibility (third party applications)



TRX-Manager interfaces/is compatible with :

All data base files created by TRX-Manager are compatible with MS Access 7 and Excel.




TRX-Manager uses the Windows XP Graphical style and many customized graphics ; required video mode is 32 bits (true colors). Base code is VB5/6/VC6++ along with a large library of professional third parties controls choosen for their stability. TRX-Manager does not require the .NET framework. It is compatible with any 32bits or 64bits version of Windows from Vista SP1 to Windows 10 (NT3.51 Excepted). For the older rigs, you may need a serial RS-232/TTL interface. Reasonable priced serial interfaces are distributed by third party manufacturers.

WARNING : TRX-Manager is NOT compatible with any version of Windows using DBCS (China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea).


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