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Recent rigs offer a wide variety of controls via computer. In addition to the Monitoring window which allows controlling the most important parameters, a "Levels" window is provided and allows support of the current parameters (RF/AF Gain, IF Shift, Bandwitdths, Noise Reduction...). More commands can be supported using macros. Below are some screenshots taken for various transceivers.

YAESU FT-5000/1200/3000/950/2000/450... but also TenTec rigs...



Layout differs according to the transceivers supported


More than 100 functions are supported
including direct keying (CW), PCT, PKT, Sub RX...

ICOM: IC-746/756PRO/7600/PRO2/910/7800/9100/7100IC-R75.. 


AF, PBT, IF Shift control, Keyer, NR...
Memory channel labels ar




Emulation of the K2's front panel



K3/KX3 and additional functions below

K3 : Support for Text mode

K3 : Graphic Equalizer

TRX-Pan: Panoramic display (IF Output + Quadrature SDR). More about TRX-Pan here

Virtual front panels for K3 and KX3